Stella Nova Mailing List Usage

You are subscribed to the Stella Nova mailing list, a service provided to current and prospective members of the Stella Nova Science Fiction and Fantasy Club.

If you would like to know more about our club, see our web page - or if you have a specific question, email us at

To unsubscribe or to alter your subscription details, send a request to To send a message so that everyone on the list receives it, simply send it to one of the list submission addresses.

While many of us eat breath and live SF, some poor folk have too much RealLifeTM taking up their time. To allow them to participate to the extent that their time allows, we have an arrangement that allows them to receive only stuff that will be more useful to them; however this requires your assistance, by being careful to choose the appropriate submission address for your message: any sort of activity, party or meeting; anything a recipient could "get involved in" anything else to do with Science and/or Fiction and/or Fantasy anything else (jokes, stories, gossip, whatever)

Please send to only one of these for a single announcement; and if you "get it wrong", please DON'T send it to the "correct" one as well. If you rely on an address book to record email addresses, please make sure that you have ALL of the above addresses listed, and annotated with enough detail that you will know which is which; I suggest you set the "name" to something along the lines of Stella Nova - Events.

Remember to check carefully before sending a message - there is no way to cancel or recall it; even if your mail program suggests that there might be a way to kill a message after you've sent it, it won't work.

Simple rules:

  1. The club's domain is "". If you want a typing short-cut you can use just "" instead, but that's not official.
  2. All mailing addresses are composed by taking the name (one of the targets below) and appending "@" and the club's domain (either of the above); for example,
  3. The web address is "http://" plus the club's domain; however your web browser will probably insert this automatically, so you can just try the domain on its own (either short or long form). Note that "www." is not required, although it is permitted.

The valid mail targets are:

enquiries Stella Nova - Enquiries This is the address for "first contact"; it is the only address to be given out when people ask "how do I contact the club"
webmaster Stella Nova - Webmaster notices for the web page
crew Stella Nova - Crew comments or questions directed to the whole crew
members Stella Nova - Membership Notices formal club notices, eg the AGM
nonmembers Stella Nova - Non-members so we can nag them to join
events Stella Nova - Events suggestions or announcements of upcoming events that members might do
publicity Stella Nova - Publicity (limited) commercial advertising
sf Stella Nova - SF and Fantasy discussions anything (else) related to Science and/or Fiction
chat Stella Nova - Chat anything else
firstname.lastname for any individual on any mailing list (that's a DOT in the middle, same as between sf DOT org DOT nz)
The Social Party Line
Club Officers
Happenings of interest to club members
The Overseas Contingent
National FANZ newsletter feeder
External publicity in-bound feeder
Science Fiction and Fantasy News and Views
Stella Nova Intrepid Pen Squad
Theatrical Performance Convenors
Theatrical Performance Troupe

You should also read the formal charter description.

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